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Trading For Trash is a spin-off from the current Social Media craze of “Paint & Hide Rocks”  The popular hobby/sport of people placing personalized rocks along paths, trails, and public places.   Painted Rocks, that can be found by others, then documented through Social Media such as the various Facebook Rocks Groups.

Read about “Paint & Hide Rocks” at BlazingRocks.com

We at first saw the possibility that all these rocks becoming a negative.  They are, in some situations.  Subject matter could be used in a negative sense too.

Especially in some peoples minds.  What happens if thousands, if not millions get stashed as the years go by?   As with anything popular, there tends to be a negative.  Then, rules and laws start being imposed by people that don’t share the same enthusiasm.

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I have been an active outdoor person all my life.  Most of my family and friends are too.  None of us would ever dream of littering.  I am actually sickened by all the litter laying about in many outdoor destinations.  It is truly amazing the people that could care less about dropping empty water bottles, paper food wrappers, and a list of other items.

As a lifelong backpacker and camper, I have always practiced “Leave No Trace”.    I find I am attracted to the “Paint & Hide” craze myself.   I don’t consider the rocks litter, but some may?  I don’t want State and National Parks, or public places, enacting restrictions that would prevent placement there.  After all these “Painted Rocks” rarely hang out where placed, beyond a day or two.

Then I asked myself…what if?  What if, this craze could create a tremendous positive?  Actually start a movement to retrieve some of the trash and litter that is truly an eyesore?


My personal proposal, and personal pledge.  Is to gather much more litter and trail trash, for any single Painted Rock I may ever place.  Trade my Rocks for many times the volume in Trash.  Each and every time I place a rock.  Whether that is one of my own rock creations, or a re-hid of a rock from another artist.  I hope all individual “players” or artists, and “rock groups”,  jump on the Trading For Trash Pledge.

Collect trash when you are alone.  Or make it an organized event.  Rock Groups please encourage your membership to follow the pledge.  Please make this happen all over the country, and world, for that matter.  You are all welcome to use our Name or Logo as a statement you participate or promote participation.  Add it to your website, Facebook Rock Groups, Event T shirts, etc.

Take photos of your trash collection efforts.  Then be sure to email us your photos, name, link, website, or social media group and we will add you to our promoter list and do a article on your efforts!

Email to :  info@toponautic.com

Imagine a small 3 inch painted rock being placed by the original artist.  Then a whole bag of litter or trail trash picked up in a Trade with the environment.   Then image this rock being found by another person and re-hid.  In the re-hiding process another bag of garbage/litter being removed from the environment.  Multiply this by 50 or 100 re-hides.  That amounts to 50 to 100 bags of trash collected and removed.   Wow!!   Depending on how many times the rock move, there is really no limit.   How could anyone complain or say these rocks are having any negative effect?

Be sure to email us photos of your trash collections!  We will try to feature as many as possible on our website, Twitter, etc.

Email to :  info@toponautic.com