On Blazing Rocks first outing.  In one of our beautiful National Parks.  We had a goal of collecting trash in mind.  We soon realized you might want some “tools” to make achieving such a goal, less unpleasant.  We realized within a very small radius it is easy to fill a 33 gallon garbage bag.

Note: is an organized  “Paint and Hide” hide group.  More info can be found going to Home Page or using the Menu Buttons.

How things like dirty diapers can be so callously discarded, at the edge of a parking area, is beyond my thinking.  Soiled TP…..yes poop-y paper stuck in the bushes, or half covered with dirt or a rock.  The most abundant item found is plastic water bottles….and they seemed endless.  This trail trash collecting is a nasty, thankless, but self rewarding, business.

Many trash items collected might take mother nature hundreds of years to break down.  In our lifetime it is simply piling up!

We can only hope others are willing to accept the challenge and the pledge.  Most people will never know what you did.  It will be rare someone will take the time to notice.  Even less likely they will take the time to say “Thank You”!

I am hoping in the near future a large organized Rock Group facilitates an organized Trash Picking effort.  Then sends me photos of hundreds of bags of trash.  Or a filled dumpster.  That would make my day!  I am hoping as our local group grows we can also organize such an event.

When I place a “Paint & Hide” Rock now, I look at them differently.  I hope as time goes on.  As exposure to the trash collecting effort increases.  That other people start viewing these rocks  differently too.  As a badge of your effort in making your, and their, part of the world better.

After our first outing we made up a small “trash kit” to be carried in our vehicle.  It did cost us about $40.  We recommend you do the same.

Our recommendations “Tools of the Trade” list:

  • Several Heavy Duty Garbage Bags
    • Disposable Gloves
    • Leather Gloves
    • Extension Grabbing device or “Paper Picker”
    • Container to hold trash bag
    • Zip Ties or Twist Ties – To seal stinky trash bags
    • Hand Cleaner, Hand Sanitizer, Paper Towels

Our first “Trading for Trash” haul was short of shocking.   But we consider it a step in the right direction.  This was our effort after our first outing placing two “Paint & Hide Rocks”.  We think this was a great trade.  Removing this much trash for 2 small rocks we placed to brighten someones day. is a proud Sponsor of For more info or to send photo’s, please email.

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