We collected a Big Bag of Trail Trash

On a recent Rock Hide, we spent 45-60 minutes in the Red Rock Park – (Willow Springs picnic area) collecting trash. We filled a large 33 gallon trash bag worth of trash and called it a day. Please contribute to trash clean-up whenever leaving “Painted Rocks”.

Note: Red Rock is an area west of Las Vegas, Nevada.  The official name is “Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area” and is accessible with a one day purchased pass, the annual Red Rock Pass, or one of the various National Park pass holders.

We had fun hiding our first cross over Rock. A “Paint & Hide Rock” that had made it from Ohio to Las Vegas, Nevada.  From the NorthEastOhioRocks group, to the BlazingRocks group in Las Vegas.

We made a short video of it’s final few miles on its way to be re-hidden.

We would like to thank the artist #ByrdsRox of the #NortheastOhioRocks Paint & Hide group.

Artist #ByrdsRox can be found on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/buddy.byrd.18